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1938- 1939

December 1937-March 1938: Rape of Nanjing (Nanjing Massacre) (also spelling Nanking)

March: Anschluss- German union with Austria

Sept 1938: Munich Conference & Appeasement over the Sudetenland

March 1939: Annexation of Czechoslovakia

August: Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact

September: 1939 Invasion of Poland


April: German Invasion of Denmark and Norway

May: Germany invasion of Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg

May-June: Invasion of France & establishment of Vichy government

June: Evacuation at Dunkirk

August 1940-May 1941: Battle of Britain & Blitz of London

September: US Congress passes Selective Service Act


March: Lend-Lease Act

April: Invasion of Yugoslavia & Greece

May 27: German battleship Bismarck sunk

June: Operation Barbarossa- German invasion of Soviet Union

August: Atlantic Charter

December: Attack on Pearl Harbor & US Declaration of War


January 20: Wannsee Conference & Final Solution

February-October: Executive Order 9066 & Internment of Japanese Americans

April: Bataan Death March

April: Doolittle Raid

May 7-8: Battle of Coral Sea

June 4-7: Battle of Midway

August: Battle of Guadalcanal

September-November: Battle of Stalingrad

October-November: Battle of El Alamein


1939-1943: Battle of Atlantic

January: Casablanca Conference

April-May- Allies take Tunisia, Axis Powers surrender in North Africa

July: Allied landing at Sicily

July 1943-June 1944: Allied liberation of Italy

November: Tehran Conference


February-May: Battle of Monte Cassino

June: D-Day (the overall plan)

June: D-Day (how it went- results, effects)

June: Battle of the Philippine Sea

June: President Roosevelt signs the G.I. Bill of Rights

Aug 25: Liberation Paris

September: Operation Market Garden (Battle of Arnhem)

October-December: Battle of Leyte Gulf

December 1944 -January 1945 Battle of the Bulge


throughout 1945: Firebombing of Tokyo and other Japanese cities

February: Yalta Conference

February: Bombing of Dresden

February: Battle of Iwo Jima

April-June: Battle of Okinawa

April: Liberation of Concentration Camps

April-May: Battle for Berlin

July-August: Potsdam Conference

August 6 & 9: Atomic Bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki